Advanced Topics in Wireless Communications

Course Description

This course will cover recent developments in wireless communication systems. The future generation of wireless communications systems will be overviewed and the technologies behind these systems will be discussed. Both practical and simplified theoretical aspects will be covered. Rather than providing in-dept theoretical details, introduction of main concepts and overview of the important aspects will be given. The targeted students are the graduate students as well as the non-degree seeking engineers that are working in wireless communications area in local companies. The course will include the following topics:


The most important prerequisite is the desire to learn the topics that will be presented in this course. The rest is rather easier to handle. Some background on communications systems and digital signal processing is needed to follow the course easily. EEL-6593 (Mobile and Personal Comm. Sys.) or EEL6534 (Digital communications, Comm. Sys. 1) would be perfect preparations for this course. However, students who haven't taken this course should be able to follow the course with some communications and signal processing background.

Books & References

As the topics are based on recent developments, there is no text book required for the course. Instead, selected reading materials (papers, magazine articles etc.) will be used as reference materials for this course. The instructor will provide the list of the materials. Students are not permitted to sell notes or tapes of class lecturers.

Course Documents