Murat Karabacak

Office: ENB-369

Educational Background:

MS: Istanbul University, Electrical & Electronics Eng., 2010
BS: Istanbul University, Electrical & Electronics Eng., 2008

Research Interests:

OFDM/A, SC-FDMA, Doppler Effect, Signal identification, Signal processing


  1. M. Karabacak, H.A. Cirpan, H. Arslan, "Bayesian Approach for Modulation Identification without Constellation Map Knowledge," IEEE Radio and Wireless Symposium (RWS), Phoenix, AZ, Jan. 2011.
  2. M. Karabacak, H. Cirpan, and H. Arslan, "Adaptive Pilot Based Modulation Identification and Channel Estimation for OFDM systems," accepted for IEEE PIMRC 2010 conference.
  3. M. Karabacak, "Modulation Identification for Wireless Communication Systems," MSc Thesis, Istanbul University, July 2010.