Adaptation Techniques and Enabling Parameter Estimation Algorithms for
Wireless Communication Systems

Huseyin Arslan

(Will appear as a chapter in ``Signal Processing for Mobile Communications Handbook'', CRC Press)


Todays wireless services have come a long way since the roll out of

the conventional voice-centric cellular systems.  The demand for

wireless access in voice and high rate data multi-media applications

has been increasing. New generation wireless communication systems

are aimed at accommodating this demand through better resource

management and improved transmission technologies. The widespread

usage of the adaptation techniques for the evolution of wireless

mobile radio systems is one way to achieve this goal.  In this

chapter, adaptation algorithms are discussed for improving wireless

mobile radio system performance and capacity.  First, an overview of

adaptive resource management and adaptive transmission technologies

is given.  Then, parameter measurements that make many of these

adaptation techniques possible are discussed in detail. Finally,

several examples that demonstrate the application of adaptation

techniques, along with the required parameters, are presented.